Are there perks to being plant-based?


Are there perks to being plant-based?

Are there perks to being plant-based? 1024 683 Alternative Kitchen

Though it’s been popular to describe vegans and vegetarians as those who eat whole bulbs of lettuce at each meal, following a predominantly plant-based diet can actually be just as enjoyable and satisfying as eating meat – or even more so! With the wide variety of plant-based options available these days, following a diet filled with veggies is becoming trendier and more popular every day — and it’s not hard to understand why. From a healthier diet to a more sustainable lifestyle, here are just a few of the perks of being “plant-based”.

A balanced diet

Each vegetable, fruit and grain in a plant-based diet provides a complex myriad of multiple nutrients, from minerals and vitamins, to fats and proteins. Per calorie, vegetables have the variety and nutrients to easily ensure a sufficient vitamin intake each day.

Options, options and more options

Generally, wherever you may be, the number of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants are growing at quite a rate. Being plant-based used to mean cooking from home every day or visiting the one local Indian restaurant whenever you wanted to eat out – but not any more. From vegan mac and cheese to the meat substitute jackfruit, the variety in vegan and vegetarian food is growing exponentially.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and more . . .

With the high content of fats and cholesterol in red meat, the risk of getting several different types of cardiovascular disease and cancers has been well documented. Naturally this risk drops drastically with a diet of vegetables and vegan meat substitutes. Thanks to the reduced amount of fats clogging one’s arteries, the resulting lowered blood pressure from more plants in the diet stands in contrast to a diet based on red meat.

Less pimples!

Thanks to the abundant antioxidants and minerals present in fruits and vegetables, the nutrients help give life to the skin. From leafy greens to peaches, pretty much anything fresh is good for us, and for our skin. Less meat also improves the skin’s well-being since the diet is less likely to affect stress hormone and testosterone levels, reducing the risk of pesky pimples.


In general, vegetables are simply cheaper than animal products and buying vegetables is also easier. For many of us, saving money can be quite a challenge, so any budget-friendly options for daily living are always welcome, right?!

Make it a lifestyle – not a diet!