Don’t ruin a good sandwich !

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Don’t ruin a good sandwich !

Don’t ruin a good sandwich ! 1024 683 Alternative Kitchen

Some mistakes to avoid that could be ruining what might otherwise be an awesome sandwich.

Making a sandwich is a simple thing right? Just mix ingredients between two slices of bread and you’re done. But there’s more to it than that. Here are several crucial mistakes you could be making that might be holding your gourmet creation back from sandwich paradise.

1 – Stale or incorrectly sliced bread.

If you’re using stale bread, the base of your sandwich is already compromised and you’re off to a rough start. Plus, ensure your bread is sliced evenly. The same amount of bread on the top and bottom is key to a good sandwich.

2 – Spreads and condiments directly onto the bread.

Putting the lettuce or cheese down first, and then applying the spreads and condiments will avoid creating a soggy mess. This will ensure the spread adheres to the other ingredients and not to the bread, which is especially important if the sandwich is to be enjoyed a few hours later.

3 – Damp greens.

Rinsing off fresh greens is always a good idea, but pat them dry afterwards. This will help keep the greens crisp, and prevents the sandwich from getting soggy.

4 – Overstuffing the sandwich.

No matter the size of the sandwich, avoid overstuffing the bread with too many or too large ingredients. If you’re not able to bite into a sandwich without having to use a fork and knife, it might be getting a bit too large.

5 – Not seasoning the vegetables.

Not adding a dash of salt and black pepper is a missed opportunity to add flavor to the sandwich, no matter if it’s avocado, lettuce, cucumbers, or onions . . .

6 – Too much meat and cheese.

Keeping an eye on the amount of meat and cheese used is important for an enjoyable, balanced sandwich. Don’t over do it.

7 – Unevenly distributing the vegetables.

For the best-tasting sandwich, arrange the ingredients evenly on the bread. This will ensure each bite includes a bit of everything.

8 – Not adding texture.

As with all dishes, texture is important for sandwiches. Potato chips, crispy wontons, roasted soy nuts or any of your favorite seeds or nuts are good ways to add crunch and texture to a next-level sandwich.

9 – Using standard, common condiments.

Condiments can make or break a sandwich. Exploring new flavours like lemon aioli, lentil hummus, maple mustard dill, and Korean mayonnaise made with gochujang, and moving away the basics always used, will take your sandwich to greatness.

10 – Not taking time to carefully layer ingredients.

Taking time to prepare a sandwich, carefully carving, building, topping, and wrapping, will help you prepare a well-balanced feast that’s easier to eat and enjoy.

Now it’s on to sandwich greatness!