Healthy lunches for the family


Healthy lunches for the family

Healthy lunches for the family 1000 667 Alternative Kitchen

Lunch gives us the fuel to get through the second half of our day, and is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how to make five lunchtime favourites healthier for you and your family.

1. Sandwiches. No more boring bologna sandwiches on white bread! Instead, bring out the interesting breads and nutritious tasty fillings. Grab the leftover grilled chicken and combine with avocado and roasted red peppers rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla. Or, prepare some tuna salad with grated carrots and celery, and spread this over whole grain flatbread. For the kids, tuck away mini-whole wheat pitas filled to the brim with grated cheese. Mmmmm!

2. Salads. Use dark leafy greens like spinach, romaine lettuce or a mesclun mix because these contain far more nutrients and antioxidants than your regular iceberg lettuce. Then be sure to add some lean protein like chickpeas, hard boiled eggs, grilled meat, or deli ham or turkey. Or how about some of our veggie cold cuts?!

3. Pasta. Noodles from different whole grains like whole wheat, buckwheat or brown rice are the way to go here.

4. Soup. Make your own soups with low-sodium broth, or cooked and blended vegetables. You’d be amazed how simple this is, and what a tasty soup you can prepare, packed with fibre. Avoid canned soup if you can.

5. Frozen Entrees. Root out the healthy options, being conscious of fat, and that offer at least a serving of vegetables. You don’t always have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience.

Here’s to healthy eating and energy-filled afternoons!