Duo of Vegan Pâté Canapés


  • Whole wheat baguette crackers (Grissol)
  • 2 tubes of vegan pâtés Alternative Kitchen Organic (1 Classic and 1 Truffle)
  • Mushrooms bruschetta (Sardo)
  • Peppers bruschetta (Sardo)

  1. Slice your vegan pâtés and carefully place the slices over the baguette crackers
  2. Top the Truffle canapés with the mushrooms bruschetta
  3. Top the Classic canapés with the peppers bruschetta
  4. Voilà ! You’re now ready to impress your guests 🙂

Wine suggestion : We like to pair our canapés Duos with a chilled with a glass of Pinot Noir or a chilled pitcher of white Sangria.