Vegan Grilled Cheese Dippers


  • 3 slices of fresh bread
  • Vegan butter + roasted garlic paste
  • 3 slices of Vegan cheese (we used the Cheddar)

  1. Flatten the bread slices with a rolling pin and cut the crusts
  2. Spread about ½ tablespoon of the butter / roasted garlic mixture onto 1 side of the bread slice
  3. Place the buttered side down on a clean working surface, then top with the vegan cheese
  4. Roll and secure with a toothpick
  5. Skilled method : heat your skilled over medium heat and cook the rolls until golden brown and the cheese is starting to melt, about 7 minutes. Carefully flip them throughout the cooking process. Serve immediately

Air fyer method (our favourite!) : Heat your air fryer for 3 minutes at 370 F. Cook your rolls for 7 minutes. Flip them throughout the cooking process.

Serving suggestion : serve with a soup.