Veggie Canapes Party Tray

prepared with Alternative Kitchen Veggie Salami

Veggie Salami

  • White bread loaf (thin slices)
  • Veggie Salami (Alternative Kitchen Organic)
  • Sweet potato hummus (Fontaine Santé)
  • Apple-Pear jelly
  • Black olives
  • Fresh dill

prepared with Alternative Kitchen Bell Veggie Mortadella

Mortadella Végé

  • Whole wheat bread loaf (thinly sliced)
  • Veggie Mortadella (Alternative Kitchen Organic)
  • Spicy avocado hummus (Fontaine Santé)
  • Black olive tapenade
  • Grilled baby mushrooms, marinated



READY IN : 15 Minutes


  1. Spread the hummus over the bread slices
  2. Top with the veggie cold cuts
  3. Cut the canapés with a round cookie cutter
  4. Decorate
  5. Serve the canapés in a party tray, with a choice of olives and dry fruits